VEX Robotics Educational Training Center

VEX Academy is an official educational institution established by VEX Robotics in China, focusing on localized development of STEM curriculum in the US, professional teacher training for primary and secondary school robot teachers, and robotics education for students aged 4-18.

VEX Academy uses VEX educational robotics and supporting programming platforms for teaching. Many countries around the world, including China, use VEX for science and technology teaching inside and outside of the classroom. Many developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada have designated VEX as the product platform for STEM education and robotics related subjects.

VEX Academy is committed to the development of youth STEM, from technology and arts aspects to promote capacity development and personality development. In the classroom teaching and team training, VEX Academy integrates the mature research results and effective practical experience of western educational experts, and introduces the elements of personality development in stages, so that children can gain knowledge and gain noble personality at the same time.

Our Honor

Member of China Association for Educational Technology Wisdom & Study Working Committee

Member of National Youth Innovation Alliance for Electronics & Information Science Popularization